Welcome To Gatsby

The Great Gatsby. One of Elon’s dogs had just been recently revealed to the entire CT (Crypto Twitter) and people were now looking for the next Doge, Shiba and Floki! So from a group of small experienced devs, they decided “Hey why not make a real Gatsby Inu token?” and that’s how the token came to life. It’s quite funny but there are a lot of meme coins created from a meme tweet just like ours that have carved their presence in the crypto community and you shouldn’t be surprised if Gatsby Inu makes its way among one of the top dog meme coins in crypto.

Our Values

Strong Community

We aim to build a strong foundation with our community where everyone is involved with the development of Gatsby


We aim to build a strong foundation with our community where everyone is involved with the development of Gatsby


We aim to be consistent in delivering the requests of the community and our promises to the best of our abilities.

Our Tokenomics


4% Marketing

The marketing fund will be used to pay for necessities needed to gain exposure about our token project along with funding ways to give back to our community through giveaway events.


2% Buy Back

Its inevitable for people to take profits or become impatient and cause a massive dump in the chart which is why we took measures to set aside funds to buy back and protect our chart and investors.


3% NFT

To pay for our upcoming NFT launch, we will also be setting aside 3% for testing, hiring devs,  and artists to ensure that the Gatsby NFT launch runs smoothly before public mint.

Gatsby SpaceMap

Phase 1

Telegram Group Creation

Twitter Page Creation

Launch Gatsby Token

Website Reveal

Telegram Call Groups

Logo Redesign


Token Burn At 5M

Phase 2

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coin Gecko Listing

Whitepaper V1 Release

Dextools Trending

CMC Trending

Buy Backs

Twitter Promotions

Project Audit

Token Design Rebranding

Token Burn At 10M

Phase 3

Seek Token Partnerships

Liquidity Lock Extension

First ERC Meme Comic Vol 1

1st NFT Comic Launch

Utility Announcement

Website Renovation

Whitepaper V2

Token Burn At 25M

Join Our Community

Gatsby Inu is all about giving to the world and the community that evolves around it. Ever since our launch, the community that has formed around the token has been amazing and contributed to the growth of the token in many different and helpful ways. We recognise the effort and have made an effort ourselves to offer rewards through community giveaways, competitions and participation contests. The GatsbyInu team is working hard behind the scenes and is on track to making a project that will be beloved by everyone as let's be honest, it is based on Elon Musk's best and cutest doggo, The Greatest Gatsby. Thank you our dear community members

Upcoming Comic

Gatsby will be the first ERC token to airdrop each part of its upcoming comic in forms of NFTs and it will be up to you to piece together your own comic nft collection as you see fit to your sense of humor with "Gatsbie & Cie".


Our Sticker Pack

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